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Generative Art Workshop

Introduction to generative art concepts

Sunday, March 17th, 2024

3:00 - 6:00 pm


Instructor:  Stephen Boyd

$35 or PWYC to reserve a spot.  E-transfer to : Stephen Boyd <>

Workshop Description

Generative Art originated in the early 1960s with pioneering artists such as Vera Molnár and Manfred Mohr. It has roots in the early computer graphics and music experiments of that era. While it is typically associated with computers and code, the underlying principles of rules and constrained randomness lend it to any number of artistic mediums. 


This 3-hour workshop introduces the concepts of generative art and focuses on creating pieces using basic drawing tools, rules sets, and chance. The workshop strives to be hands-on and collaborative.

For more information:

What To Bring

All materials can be either brought from home or purchased at a local dollar store. 

  • Pens or fine tipped markers (approx 6 colours),

  • Pencils (regular graphite and approx 6 colours),

  • Pencil Sharpener

  • Ruler,

  • Eraser,

  • A pad of grid paper, approx 8.5”x11”,

  • A pad of sketching or watercolour paper, approx 8.5”x11”,

  • Pair of dice,

  • Deck of playing cards,

  • A coin to flip.


Stephen Boyd is a Toronto based artist using code as a medium for creating prints and interactive works since 2003.

For the last 20 years, Stephen has explored the idea of simple patterns written in code, repeating millions of times to create beauty through emergent structure. His work for the last five years has focused on creating generative art for print and screen.

Stephen's prints and installation work have been exhibited in solo and group shows. He has presented at the Marshall McLuhan Festival, Siggraph, and held an Artist-in-Residence position at Centennial College.

In addition to his art practice Stephen runs workshops, has taught at University of Toronto and gives talks on the nature of designing with code, data visualization and generative art. 

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