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Membership @ GAS

Your membership will guarantee one show per membership cycle. All shows are 3 weeks long, which includes hanging and taking down the show. Installation will be pre-determined for every show. A minimal charge for any repairs beyond the typical hardware removal may apply. Artists must be available to hang and strike work. Application for membership must include 10 digital samples of your recent work, plus a CV. Bookings for shows are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Show slots are booked upon receipt of membership post-dated cheques.

 Membership Guarantees


One page per membership on the GAS website. We encourage cross promotion and will update regularly with input from you to let folks know what other creative endeavours you are up to like art walks, fairs etc.

A page on the website specific to your show, so that your exhibition will have an online presence for the duration.

Permanent space to display work on members' wall.


GAS staff mind your show during gallery hours & reception so that you may celebrate your show worry free. We handle all sales for you throughout the exhibition. 


GAS staff to promote your show online using sources such as Slate Art Gallery Guide. GAS promotes regularly through our newsletter to reach our extensive mailing list. 

GAS staff to maintain and prepare wall space to ensure immaculate display surface. 

Use of our beautiful courtyard. 

Participation in our annual The Members Show, included in membership.

Non-exclusivity: GAS is your home gallery, however you are a free agent- participate and show anywhere you choose


Members pay less for more: open call group shows organized by GAS; rentals for workshops, etc.

Whether you are a pro at installing, or are new to the process we are always here on installation day to offer help, advice, or guidance,  whatever you need. 

Basically, we take care of everything! NO VOLUNTEER TIME REQUIRED!!

(GAS promotes multi purpose use of space, therefore other events may run concurrently. This potential will be discussed with the artist)

 Membership Rates and Conditions

  (all memberships include a spot in the annual Members Show) 

Contemporary Membership - $135/month, 18 month membership- includes one 3 week solo show


Modern Membership - $101.25/month, 24-month membership- includes one 3-week solo show 

Renaissance Membership - $67.55/month, a 36-month membership- includes one 3-week solo show 

Duo Membership - $160/month, 18-month membership for two - includes one 3-week show 

Small Group Membership (3-5 people) - $180/month, 18-month membership for three to five people - includes one 3-week show 

15% admin fee on works sold.

Large Group Membership (6-20 people) - $200/month, 18-month membership for six to twenty people - Includes one 3-week show

15% admin fee on works sold.  Great for collectives and theatre companies ( admin fee may not apply)


GAS charges 15% admin fee on members works sold unless otherwise noted

All promotional material must be approved by GAS



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