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GAS is now accepting submissions for membership




Your membership in GAS will guarantee one solo show in an 18-month cycle.

All shows are 3 weeks long and this includes hanging and taking down the show. Installation and repairs will be pre-determined for every show.

A minimal charge for repairs will apply. Artists must be available to hang and strike work.


Application for membership must include 10 digital samples of your recent work, plus a CV. Bookings for shows are on a first-come,

first-serve basis. Show slots are booked upon receipt of 18 post-dated cheques.




Membership Guarantees


One page per membership on the GAS website


Permanent space to display work


GAS staff member to mind your show during gallery hours, including opening


GAS admin handles all marketing and promotion in Toronto publications such as Slate Magazine


Non-exclusivity: GAS is your home gallery, allowing you to participate and show anywhere you choose


Members pay less for more: group shows organized by GAS; rentals for workshops, private events etc.





Membership Rates and Conditions


Contemporary Membership - $125/month  our classic 18-month membership: (includes one 3-week solo show and a yearly Members' Show)

Modern Membership - $93.75/month  a 24-month membership option: (includes one 3-week solo show and a yearly Members' Show)

Renaissance Membership - $62.50/month for the artist who'd like a little more time, a 36-month membership option: (includes one 3-week solo show and a yearly Members' Show)

Duo Membership- $150/month, 18-month membership for two (includes one 3-week show and a yearly Members' Show)

Group Membership- $175/month, 18-month membership for three people or more. Great for theatre companies and collectives etc.

Includes one 3-week show and a yearly Members' Show. 15% admin fee on works sold.


GAS charges 10% admin fee on members works sold unless otherwise noted

All promotional material must be approved by GAS

GAS is also booking evenings of poetry, spoken word, music and film. Please visit the Events page for past and upcoming events

GAS promotes collaboration with other artists and therefore, other events may run concurrently. This potential will be discussed with the artist



Space Rental (non-membership rates)


Gerrard Art Space is available for instructors to rent. Please inquire in person or via email. If you would like to run workshops during our hours of operation, please send us a proposal.

Please note we do not rent out for private events.


Please submit applications and inquiries to:

For currently available bookings please refer to the Exhibitions page on this site.

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