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With a moody, acidic palette, Ashley Tuchscherer's recent paintings create introspective “dreamscapes”.  She incorporates imagery of nature, from plant life to human anatomy, intertwining the natural and the naturally macabre to create fascinating, cheeky, surrealist narratives. What can be seen is the struggle between life and growth, and death and confinement, mirroring our own contradictions, struggles, over-thoughts and anxieties.  Tuchscherer's work acknowledges the dark side of humanity. Even when hidden behind acceptable veneers, darkness is still there, just like the morbid imagery lurking in the nooks and crannies of her work. Yet, despite its overarching gothic sensibility, quirky characters and light-hearted elements interweave throughout, tempering her vision, allowing approachability, delight, and even moments of humour.



Toronto based visual artist, Ashley Tuchscherer, has been honing her craft for over 10 years. Her medium of choice is acrylic on canvas and wood panel, and watercolour on paper.  Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Tuchscherer attended the University of Regina, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2009, majoring in Painting. She has exhibited in art galleries throughout Saskatchewan and Toronto. 

Tuchscherer currently works out of her home studio in The Beaches.  When she isn't creating art, she works in film and television as a Scenic Artist. 

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