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Learning to see: Drawing from the human form




Instructor: Joanne Filletti

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Course Objective

Drawing is a visual language that teaches how to see: the student will develop an understanding of the visual language used to describe the human form.

Course Description


This course builds on the fundamentals of drawing discussed in Beginners 1.

The following elements will be reviewed: gesture, form, line, volume, light, proportion/scale, and anatomy.  Extended poses will be the focus, with special attention given to composition.


By learning the fundamentals of drawing, a substantial base is created for further learning: painting, sculpture, printmaking and design to name but a few disciplines. The following elements will be covered in this course: gesture, form, line, volume, light, proportion/scale, anatomy, and composition. Every class will progress from short to long poses.


Instruction Philosophy

Instruction has been designed to include different learning styes.

Instruction for this course will engage both sides of the brain- the intuitive side

(as with gesture drawing) as well as the logical side (as in the use of basic math and geometry).  Meeting the learners where they are helps create a positive joyful place in which to develop drawing skills. 


Joanne Filletti is a graduate of University of Guelph, with an Honours In Studio Art. She also studied at George Brown College and Ontario College of Art and Design. While a student, Joanne exhibited extensively in Guelph.  Since moving back to Toronto in 1994, she has shown her work consistently in various venues.  A student of drawing for 40 years, she continues to utilize drawing in her private art practice.

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