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Ethel Shoul gravitates to the buzz and theatre of the city: a crowded bus, markets, tattoo conventions, skateboard parks, and life on city streets. The city stage seethes with the movement of bodies, and momentary glimpses, caught on camera. Currently, she has found fascination with circus performers who have become her muse.She begins her pieces with mark making, layering with elements of collage, forming a patina on the surface. The artwork is photographed and produced as a Giclee print with archival paper and inks.





Studied under Joseph Albers at Yale USA

BFA teacher and examiner in art education

Post grad diploma UCL (UK)

Two summer schools at Banff Canada

Experience photographer, Mahogany Designs (UK) for Notting Hill Carnival Album - presented to The Arts Council of England

Awarded The Gwen Shaw Cup for Weaving by The London Guild of Weavers 

Commission of a woven triptych for the Woodford Chapel, UK

Commission of six paintings for Pathways Conference Centre, S.A.

Exhibition at Burgh House with weaver Maggie Henton 

Coningsby Gallery, founding member of Urban Collective, Pentimento Gallery Canada

First Canadian Place 

Show with sculptor Marcus Berns at Burgh House UK

Open Studios, Lambeth

Portico Gallery

Whippersnappers Gallery, Dulwich UK

Gerrard Art Space



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