From Still Point Drawing Radial Search
From Still Point Drawing Radial Search

graphite, acrylic paint on Usu kuchi washi 33" x 34 ¾"

Surface Disturbances
Surface Disturbances

2017 graphite, sumi ink wash & acrylic paint on washi 17 ½" x 17” (framed on non-reflective glass)


2017 graphite, sumi ink wash & acrylic paint on washi 17 ½" x 17” (framed on non-reflective glass)

Paddle Dripping
Paddle Dripping

2017 graphite, sumi ink wash & acrylic paint on washi 17 ½" x 17" (framed on non-reflective glass)

Echoes (wall)
Echoes (wall)

crayon, acrylic paint, graphite, interference acrylic on washi 24 ¼" x 16 ⅞"

Certain Affinities
Certain Affinities

graphite, crayon on sekishu tsuru washi 29" x 22"


water colour crayon, woodblock print, white acrylic on usu kuchi washi 11 ⅞" x 33 ¼"

Dry Stone Moon
Dry Stone Moon

2016 mokuhanga 34 ¼" x 20 ½"

Atlantic Time
Atlantic Time

2013 mokuhanga 20 ¼" x 15”

Two Pines
Two Pines

2015 mokuhanga 21" x 16"

And Then It Began To Rain
And Then It Began To Rain

2014 mokuhanga 22" x 33"

As Old As Light
As Old As Light

2016 mokuhanga 31 ¼" x 23 ½"

The Reflective Unconscious
The Reflective Unconscious

2015 mokuhanga 19 ½" x 17 ½"

Koi Revisited
Koi Revisited

2015 mokuhanga 11" x 14"


Elizabeth Forrest B.A. (York), B. Ed (Toronto), studied at the Ontario College of Art where she later taught printmaking between 1978 and 1985. In 1988-89 Elizabeth researched mokuhanga under the instruction of Akira Kurosaki in Kyoto, Japan. She lived there for 11 years developing her work and exhibition career. After returning to Toronto as a teacher and advocate of mokuhanga, she coordinated an international mokuhanga exhibition at The Japan Foundation,Toronto in 2008. Elizabeth had a solo exhibition a GAS in April 2016 and is also represented by Open Studio printmaking facility in Toronto. She frequently teaches Japanese woodblock workshops at various locations including  GAS. Elizabeth is one of a few serious practitioners of mokuhanga in Canada. She has received a number of arts grants and her work is held in many private and institutional collections.




Also described as "colour woodcut" the Japanese term, mokuhanga is a neutral contemporary term used internationally amongst printmakers. A traditional medium dating back to 17th century Japan, mokuhanga is a waterbased relief print medium requiring the carving of an image in a fine-grained wood and followed by multiple colour printing entirely by hand, using thick horse hair brushes and a baren pressing tool. The qualities of transparency possible are greatly enhanced by the use of Japanese artisanal papers (washi) which achieve the best absorption of the pigment and create a luminosity not found in other forms of printmaking.



This material is copyright, ©2014 Elizabeth Forrest and should not be reproduced without the artist's permission.


In 2016-17 I became interested in a more spontaneous approach in my work using various drawing media, something the intensive labour of printmaking doesn’t always allow time for. While creating these works I enjoyed discovering connections to the print discipline as well as departures from it as the works progressed. Spontaneous marks, acts of considered response, emotional reactions and observations make up the creation of a drawing and this activity is somewhat like a conversation. Human conversation flows as thoughts are exchanged and elements interact in various ways and I sometimes thought of particular interactions when developing a drawing. Hence my exhibition in November 2017 was called “Conversations”: drawings as a spontaneous and casual interplay of thoughts.


Born in Vancouver 1947, raised in Montreal and Toronto, live/work Japan 1988 - 1999, and now resides in Toronto.

Kyoto Seika University, Japan - research student in Japanese woodblock 1988 - 89

Ontario College of Art (and Design University) Toronto A.O.C.A. Honours 1975

University of Toronto Faculty of Education B.Ed 1970

Glendon College, York University B.A. English 1969




Gerrard Art Space, "Wild Shores",  April 20 - May 8, 2016

Stuart Jackson Gallery, Toronto - Elizabeth Forrest Colour Woodcuts Feb 2014

Open Studio, George Gilmour Members' Gallery - Margin 2013

Open Studio, George Gilmour Members' Gallery - Anima 2011

Open Studio, George Gilmour Members' Gallery - Art History 2005

L'Espace 234, Montreal - North Light 2002

Open Studio, Main Gallery Toronto - A Leaf Between My Teeth 1997

Gallery Haku, Osaka Japan - 1998, 1996

Gallery Beni, Kyoto Japan - 1991, 1993

Geraldine Davis Gallery, Toronto - Matrix of Invention Solo Exhibition 1987

SAW Gallery, Ottawa - Matrix of Invention 1986




Mokuhanga International Exhibition, Hawaii University, Honolulu, HI 2017

Metropolis and Invisible Cities, Lincoln Nebraska 2016

Summer Salon, Open Studio, 2016, 2015, 2013

Print 2016, John B. Aird Gallery Juried Print Exhibition, Toronto

Mokuhanga International Exhibition - Tokyo University of Fine Arts, Japan 2014

Canadian Embassy Tokyo - Interactions, Japan 2014

Capital One - Perspectives on Nature, Toronto 2014

Harbourfront Vitrines - Continuum (curated by Patrick Macaulay) Jan - April 2014

Open Studio - O.W.N. Exhibition (curated by Richard Sewell) Toronto 2014

Open Studio/Sydney Printmakers Exchange Portfolio - Boundless and Borderless, travelling exhibition: Sydney, Art Gallery of Ontario, Whitby           Station Gallery, Ontario, Taiwan 2012 - 2014

John B. Aird Gallery - Juried PRINT Show, Toronto 2013

U of M Architecture Library - A Sense of Place in Artists' Books, Minneapolis Minnesota 2012

Pearson Airport, Milton Gallery - Nature and City, Toronto Jan 2012

International Mokuhanga Conference - Dialogue and Dialect Exhibition, June 2011

Japanese Paper Place Gallery - Beyond Mokuhanga: Printopolis, Toronto Oct 2010

Open Studio - Anniversary Exhibition for Printopolis 40x40, Toronto 2010

Japan Foundation - WATER WOOD PAPER: Mokuhanga - Contemporary International Japanese Woodblock Printmaking, Toronto 2008

PS2 Project Space - Birth Project Travelling Print Exhibition, Belfast Ireland 2007

Stewart Hall - Canadian Contemporary Woodblock Prints, Montreal 2008

Toronto Harbourfront - Case Studies, Modern Myths 2005

ARPIM travelling Miniare Bienniale - Montreal, Manly Australia 2002 - 2004

Galleria Juna Pardo Heeren - CANADA PERU Exchange, Lima Peru Jan 2004

Open Studio - Now and Then Exhibition (curated by Libby Hague) Toronto March 2003

Gallery Raku, Kyoto University of Fine Arts - Kyoto Japan 2003, 1999

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2000

Tokyo-American Club - CWAJ Annual Juried Print Exhibition, Tokyo 1998, 1997, 1996, 1994, 1991

University of Lethbridge Art Gallery - Matrix of Invention, Lethbridge Alberta 1999



Imago Printshop, Moncton, N.B. Mokuhanga workshop, 2016

Centre 3 Printshop, Hamilton, ON, mokuhanga workshop, 2015, 2016, 2017 




Ontario Arts Council, Artist in Education 2011, 2010

Ontario Arts Council, residency grant for travel to France 2010

Canada Council, Visual Arts and Media grant for JUN/KEN ARTS Collective 2008

Ontario Arts Council, grant for Visual and Media Arts Organization 2008

Canada Council, travel grant (solo exhibition Japan-Toronto) 1988

Forsyth Scholarship, Ontario College of Art Toronto 1975




Toronto Public Library, Special Collections

Bank of Montreal

Reiki Centre, Toronto

Royal Bank of Canada

Union Bank of Switzerland

Banque Nationale du Canada

Collections Canada/ Livres d’artistes, National Archive, Ottawa, Canada

Italian Cultural Institute, Kyoto

University of Lethbridge Museum of Art

University of Alberta Private Press Collection

Queen’s University Douglas Library

North York Public Library Canadiana Collection

University of Illinois print collection, Normal, Ill


and numerous private collections





Email: workshop.mokuhanga@gmail.com