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Despite having enthusiastically embraced the worlds of photography and music, Max finds himself continually returning to his first love: painting. Max was formally schooled in the visual arts at what was then called the Ontario College of Art, followed by the University of Guelph. He has participated in group and solo exhibitions since 1980.


Among Max's most persistent influences are the American Abstract Expressionists and Canada's own Group of Seven, and other artists like Paterson Ewen and Gerhard Richter have also been an inspiration. In a more contemporary sense, Max is intrigued by the ubiquity and incessant interconnectedness of modern media - particularly those strange places where painting, photography, typography and music stream together.


"Ultimately it's the stuff of paint itself which inform and direct my energy: materials and their surfaces, the push and pull of illusory space, the meat and texture of paint, the nature of light and the surprising power of suggestion - both directly primal and unpredictably lateral."


Max works as a graphic designer in Toronto's film and television industry and lives in Leslieville.

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