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Two Fibres Meet

felting paper with wool

Workshop Instructor: Sheila Thompson

Friday, April 12th, 3-6pm

Workshop Fee:   $65 - etransfer to:

Includes:  wools, paper, bubblewrap, materials for resists, liquid soap solution

Participant must provide: 

a bath towel, an object you can roll your work around e.g. a rolling pin, shower curtain roller compressed,  other Styrofoam type roller e.g. shortened pool noodle.

Workshop Description

Wool and paper are both fibres, and when combined by wet felting, the magical properties of both are enhanced. This class introduces you to the basic technique and explores some applications that demonstrate its versatility. We will each make a piece of flat felt and a small hollow vessel.


A number of samples will be available to show.

For further information or inquiries , please contact instructor using the email listed above.



Sheila Thompson, is a woman in science and a seasoned fibre artist with 18 years of expertise in fine woolen and silk art felting. She uses papers in her topographic and vessel work to add structure and surface interest. Sheila crafts geo-centric, organic and eco-focused pieces using advanced wet felting techniques. Her work passionately addresses climate and environmental issues, weaving narratives around themes like human-environmental clashes, political short-sightedness, social justice and celebrations of eco-phenomena.

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