Max MacDonald solo show

November 17 - December 05

Reception: November 20, 3-6pm

Please contact gerrardartspace@gmail.com for more information.

At one point, I thought many of these paintings were already done, in some instances well over a decade ago.


Apparently not! They weren’t finished after all. Nor am I entirely sure they’re finished now. All the same, here they are.

Sure, some of these works are quite fresh, created from scratch over the past few months - even though, in a way, I have been pursuing the same elusive, ephemeral idea of a painting for decades now.

Yet many of these pieces show older dates on their backsides, subsequently scribbled out in favor of claiming them to be entirely from 2021. Complete fiction! Frankly, it’s embarrassing. But what can I do? At various points, each work distinctly declared to me (sometimes faintly whispering, sometimes rudely shouting) that that it wasn’t yet done. They took their sweet time telling me, too; I had made plans for them, bold plans, now undone. Yet they are confidently proclaiming that they’re utterly done now, here at the tail end of 2021. 

Look, ask me again in a few years… we’ll see then. In the meantime, these things remain sneaky, capricious creatures - don’t think I don’t know it. I’ve lived with them.


After all the years of inexpressible delight and ornery trouble stumbling hand in hand, I am still not done with painting. It doesn’t seem to be done with me, either. This is both humbling and unnerving. What’s ever done, anyway? It’s all a work in progress. Even when I’m gone, this particular cluster of atoms will be repurposed.


May these intransigent, deceitful, argumentative entities transport you in ways I can’t imagine.


I’d like to thank the following individuals for helping me get this show together: Joanne Filletti, Mila Rolicz, Dahlia Sawwan and Kim Wilson.


Max MacDonald

November 2021

A preview into the creation of 

Please visit the gallery in person to see the show in its entirety