FLOW INTO THE WATER ELEMENT - A Creative Exploration of the Sacral Chakra through Art, Meditation & Movement

Saturday, June 24th


$45 + $10 (materials)

Location: Ashbridges Bay & Gerrard Art Space

Facilitators: Beth Fanjoy & Paulina Golborne

Dive into the sea of emotions and explore the vast flowing energy of the Sacral Chakra, your second chakra- the home of sensuality, emotions, spontaneity and creativity. In this workshop we will immerse ourselves in the water element to bring more passion, flow and connection into our lives.

Beginning our morning at the beach with a walking meditation and gentle yogic movement, we will then move into the artspace where we will explore the expressive qualities of the watercolour medium. Like the element of water, we will let go and allow our creative juices to flow.

Whether you are new to art-making or are a practicing artist looking for new paths of expression, this workshop provides a supportive space to play, explore and create.


Please bring a yoga mat and blanket or one will be provided for you.No art or yoga experience necessary.

Please register by Friday, June 16th.

Please email: fanjoy.beth@gmail.com to register.

Beth Fanjoy is an artist and certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor. Paulina Golborne is a Reiki Practitioner and artist.




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