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Step 2: Communicate with residents

Arriving in the area, we choose houses not only on a visual basis. The network has a lot of information about the year of construction of a particular house, series and quality of the project .

But the main source of information about the house is its residents

Approaching each house in the morning or in the evening, you can easily find mothers and grandmothers walking in the yard: we say hello and say that we want to buy an apartment in this house, and then we ask questions about its condition. Believe an expert with experience - even the Housing Office will not provide more detailed information. Ask about the condition of the entrances, about the neighbors and about the area. You will learn everything "first hand". If you have children, be sure to talk to mothers - they will tell you about schools and kindergartens.

Step 3: We go to the entrances

Be sure to go around the entrances - they reflect everything. The walls will clearly tell who lives in the house. In most cases, a potential buyer, during a normal viewing of an apartment, will draw a conclusion and make a purchase decision after he enters the entrance.



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