Opposites Attract

Art by Dianne Jackson And Linda Roy

October 6 -24

Reception: October 9, 3-6pm

Please contact gerrardartspace@gmail.com for more information.

Dianne Jackson

During the past few years I have taken the leap from my comfort zone, from representational to abstract art.

The use of exciting colours, unusual textures and found materials has resulted in the adventurous and playful expression you’ll see in these paintings.

Linda Roy

Regarding The Series: “ Ladies That Do More Than Lunch “ And My Various Works of Art on Display

With so many physical restrictions due to this pandemic the imagination is a welcomed “ Get Out Of Jail Free” card for me.  The imagination travels whenever, wherever and with whoever it pleases.

In this gallery show I’ve created drawings, characters and abstracted landscapes using pen and ink, watercolour, linocuts, monoprints and acrylics.

I like working with positive and negatives spaces, vibrant colours and various lines that create textures, shadows and depth.  It always surprises me to see just how much the medium affects the overall style, approach to the subject and its final image.

I wish you unrestricted and happy trails as you follow the adventures of my maskless symbols of line, form, colour and movement.

Thank you for making the effort to come and spend time viewing my work.