Wednesday, December 7th

7pm - 9:15pm

$35 (includes materials fee)

Facilitators: Beth Fanjoy & Paulina Golborne

* Focusing on gratitude and giving
* Meditate while colouring your mandala

* Gentle Yoga & Pranayama
* The 3 different types of giving according to Buddhism 
* Reiki-share


What is a Mandala?

Mandala means “sacred circle” in Sanskrit. Circles appear in nature (snowflakes, sun, moon, flowers) and are also powerful symbols in cultures throughout world history. Tibetan Buddhist Monks, Native Americans and other spiritual traditions use mandalas in meditation, to evoke spiritual energy and to assist with healing.

In this short workshop you will have the opportunity to choose and colour your own mandala while meditating on the various aspects of giving and receiving. 

The session will begin with gentle yogic movement and pranayama (yogic breathing) to bring balance to body, mind and stimulate creativity. Reiki energy will also be shared within the group. Please check out the following link for more information on Reiki:

No artistic experience is required! Water colour pencils, markers, and other materials included in fee.

Please bring your own yoga mat and blanket if you have one. If not, let us know and we will supply them for you.

Pre-register by Thursday, Dec. 1st to ensure a spot. To register please send an email to:
Paulina Golborne




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