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Long Lost Lullabies

Solo show by Asma Sultana


Until August 6

This is just a sample of the artist's work, to see the full exhibit, please visit us at the gallery

Please contact for more information.


In 1971 Bangladesh was a victim of war crimes perpetrated by an occupying foreign military and local collaborators. Systemically, women were brutally raped and impregnated; some were aborted, but many were born and adopted by foreigners. We forgot all the sacrifices to achieve a country and a flag for our identity. Our memories are confused by the politics, religion, and aggression of troubling historical discourses. Many Bangladeshis knowingly or unknowingly carry the wound of that unrecognized genocide; this is the time to revisit the forgotten history of our liberation war and the forgotten memories of the children of the war.


Asma Sultana is a multidisciplinary artist. To conceptualise her autobiographical work, she uses her hair and thumbprints as her media to explore her identity in time and space. Asma organised and curated many solo art exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions in many different countries. She was featured in print and digital media- her work is in many private collections. In her diasporic identity, she is Bangladeshi-British and working in Toronto. She is trained in Fine Arts and Art History from Bangladesh, England, and Canada. She studies Art History at York University, Canada, and Oxford University, England.

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