hurting you with Love: a dance


A show by


Sept. 14 - Oct. 2

Please contact for more information.

Setting up for Live Show Sept 14- 16

AiFy's statement

Love and hate, Separated by intention and perception

A couple dance, two souls trade position 

Scream at you: I want you near me

Ignoring you, you don't understand my rejection

Opposites attract; yet, Solis and Luna are days apart

Reunited by eclipse, too strong to glance

My thoughts are loud, the music is quiet

My steps are aggressive, romantic, a Dance

This is a story of two souls moving together through space and time. Souls not bound by humanity...doesn't life have it's own soul? We've made mistakes, and we've changed them into lessons. You need to trip for your dancing to get better. I am no quitter.

This collection is dedicated to AiFy's special person. N...I'm sorry...and thank You.

Each piece is a phase and a dance of its own. They could be read in portrait or landscape.

The following paintings are all acrylic on canvas and, with the exception of the first, were all painted on site during the "live" portion of the show.