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"Just Do It!" Expanded Program

Instructor: Grethe Jensen

In-person and online classes.

To learn more:


Contact Grethe Jensen, or

Being an artist is complicated. First you need to paint, to learn and practice, and continually come up with new ideas for your paintings. And once you have found your groove and created some work, you need to find ways to share what you are doing, put it out into the world, and maybe even sell it!!


The expanded “Just Do It!” program at GAS is designed to guide you along this path. This class is for enthusiastic beginners and for current artists who wish to move towards a loose and exploratory style. By signing up and coming to class you will have an opportunity to work with a group of artists on a continual basis as you learn, create, share and show your work. All in one simple but complete program. 


Grethe Jensen is a contemporary artist/instructor whose work is abstracted, rich in colour, and approached in the spirit of exploration and experimentation. Her own arts education has been self-directed, non-structured and intense, including numerous workshops and classes with many different instructors. She is dedicated to a full-time studio practice, and she is living proof that there is nothing like “Just Doing It!” to enhance learning and growing.



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