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The Elevator Pitch

Building confidence through learning

your elevator pitch!

Wednesday, February 15th, 2023

7:00 - 9:00 pm


Instructor:  Brian Gahan

$10 to reserve a spot.  E-transfer to :

Workshop Description

Many artists and creative people can struggle with their artist’s statement, public speaking, presentations, and putting themselves and their work forward in the world. Crafting your elevator pitch can help you build your confidence and take advantage of opportunities to present yourself and your work.


In our 2-hour workshop together you will learn a process for and get hands-on-practice at building out your new elevator pitch.


Brian Gahan has spent 20 plus years working as a chief creative officer in advertising helping brands, leaders, and professionals streamline their communication strategies. He’s a published author and has worked in print, digital, broadcast, photography and podcasting. Through his love of storytelling Brian has developed the skills and techniques to help others tell their own story when it matters most.

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