Stix & Stones

Bits & Pieces

Jyne Greenley

December 07 - 23rd*

Reception: December 11, 3-6pm

Please contact for more information.

* For this show we will be open Tue - Sun 2-7pm

The Garden 2021

In the Garden I am in love. This summer, my heart broke open and it was all neon pink and peaches. Light burst in, light up, lights on, colours of joy filled my imagination so I splattered some inks around for some varieties of freedoms, flowers, bugs, fun and my Goddesses. More...

In the garden butterflies and moths float and dance, and the bees and the flies buzz by, ink captures this fluidity and in the drawings I celebrate and give my gratitude to these essential pollinators.

The paintings on canvas allowed for more thoughtfulness and reflection, my portraits of Hawk Moth and Cacao Midge are an homage to these unique stories of life, love, and co-evolution.

A perennial in my garden, Goddess Bitch and Goddess Cunt ask questions, check in on current values, and share some timeless messages.


In the Garden all is in Love.