Relationship: Clay and Cloth

works by Annette & Gitte Hansen


May 18 - June 5

Artists Present: May 19, 3-6pm

                         June 5, 2-5pm

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Artist Statement

Two sisters and a show of clay and cloth. The work is a collaboration through conversations about the creative process, materials, colour palettes, textures, form, size and shape.  Sharing ideas and thoughts of wind, weather, birds, food, family and world events all which informs what they do while working quietly in their individual studios.

There is diversity and sameness in their shared experiences of growing up, living, moving and travelling together. Both studied at separate times but at the same design school in Denmark becoming immersed and inspired by the place of their birth but then each took their very separate paths. Now many years later they have an opportunity to present their work together.  Read more.

Gitte Hansen - Textiles

Annette Hansen - Ceramics

Artist Statement continued...

Characterized by a love of design, Annette’s functional work in porcelain and stoneware bring together divergent elements in calming earth tones and bold black and white, with an occasional accent colours. She often alters and incorporates other materials into her work resulting in unique, remarkable art that enhances any environment. “I am happy when I have my hands in clay creating pieces. It is powerful to see how art can connect us to each other.”


Gitte’s ongoing preoccupation with the textile medium is focused on investigating constructed textiles using natural dyes, earth
pigments and stitch application. “This work allows me to revitalize old and discarded fabric, trims, and other findings to
create new ideas and sketches about cloth.”  
“Our work in this show explores the relationship and interrelationship between us, our work, the materials we use and our influences.”  Annette and Gitte